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My Business name is Kathouz KatGrafix.  I am a writer, illustrator, designer, and photographer plus I run my own web server on the PrincetonStar platform.  I've been using this web system since 2016. 
I promote the PrincetonStar Hosting platform and will make a commission on any sales that may come from that.
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Chriss Sather

2nd Generation Canadian


Intuitive, Sensitive, Creative, Positive, Enlightened, Connected to my Universe...

Norwegian Scandinavian

On my Father's side of the family:

Indigenous European
My Grandmother- was born on the Lake Traverse Reservation in Summit, Roberts County, South Dakota USA.  Her mother moved from Sweden to Norway (to marry) where she left behind a family of many generations.   My Grandmother immigrated to Red Deer, Alberta, Canada with her family in 1911. 
Danish-Norwegian/ Scandinavian
 My Grandfather- was born in Porter, Yellow Medicine, Minnesota, USA. His father immigrated to the USA  native to Norway but before that, I traced back two prior generations from Denmark.  My Grandfather landed in Canada after immigrating from the USA to Bittern Lake, Alberta, Canada in 1895 and then Naturalized in 1897.  Bittern Lake is located on Highway 13 between Camrose and Wetaskiwin Alberta Canada. 

Hebrew and Scotch Irish

On my Mother's side of the family:

Hebrew Ashkenazi 
My Great-Grandfather on my mother's side was born in Chemnitz Sachsen Germany;  he migrated to the USA from Germany in 1865 with his mother and father. 
Hebrew Amish
My Great-Grandmother comes from an Amish background from North Carolina; our family link from Switzerland ends when my Grandmother's Great Great Grandfather "Conrad Yoder" was born in 1725 and Immigrated from Switzerland to Pennsylvania USA in 1746, then moves to North Carolina in 1753;  in the year 1763 he buys 200 acres of land in Pennsylvania USA.

Quote"Joders in Switzerland; Joder (Yoder) first appears as a family name in the canton of Bern in the 14th century.  Theodore- Joder • from the Greek name Theodōros, composed of the elements theos (god, Greek: θεός) + dōron (gift, Greek:δώρον), meaning Gift of God " end of Quote. 

My mother has an Irish history on her father's side.  Her Father was Scotch-Irish, his father was Scotch Irish and his mother was Scottish.  I have traced the records all the way back to the early 16th century.  There is a strong Scottish line that comes from this side of the family.

My Studies include-  Reiki, Natural Medicine, Healing Arts, and Music.  There is never enough time...

I'm a Canadian Nordic Heinz 57 and I understand where my place is in terms of the "Nation of People" in which I belong.  I am a seer and have a natural ability to do energy work through touch.  I have an interest in creating a Grimoire.   I'm learning about how to make natural medicinal tinctures and essential oils.  I will be taking up the hobby of book-making once I have enough content.   I'm not so concerned about being published but I would prefer to make collector books.  I intend on publishing from there on if it seems worthy enough.

 I feel connected to the natural world in mind, body, and soul; I hear the ancestors whisper and the universe speaks to me through vibrations. My strongest vibrations come from the trees, the river, the wind, and the stars.  The speaking does not come from words or from voices that you hear; they come from thoughts that are shared with me from the larger pool of universal realm energy.  The higher one raises their own energy frequency levels, the more one can see and hear other sources of reality within our grasp. Interdimensional phenomena.  Sounds a bit crazy I know, but it is real and it happens all the time to people who have raised their own energy frequencies.  It is nothing to be afraid of, it is natural.

I can see between the veils of reality;  The whispering thought is, "We are the past being visited by the future; they are guiding us into a new way of life that will give us the best chances of survival for now and allow us to evolve as time goes on.  Raise your vibrations higher so that you may survive and thrive by allowing yourself to feel and express love unconditionally."

I come from indigenous and ancient peoples.  I am a seer.  I see. 
My Nordic name: Christiana Arnsdatter 
Chriss Sather
Chriss Sather Designs

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