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PTSD from Social Media?

Friday, April 30, 2021 social media stress

I decided to unlike a great number of resources that I was attached to by simply liking, sharing or commenting.  I was following resources that where pretty depressing.  It's been upsetting and exhausting to deal with. 

I have become overwhelmed with FaceBook over the past year.  The algorithm in my FaceBook account took a nasty turn in my profile.  It went on this horrendous overwhelming ride of sickness, abuse and torture.  I became submerged in having to watch peoples pages about helping and saving human and animal victims of abuse and neglect.  The next thing you know every single ad was this type of ad, they were coming into my Feed in a wave of suffering abused, neglected children and animals; also displaced people, crimes against the earth and humanity. 

Last week I tried to stop the ads and recommended reading in FaceBook that was causing me pain and stress by seeing it.  That did not solve the problem.  I was still seeing the extremely upsetting pages that shared very graphic images of abuse and neglect of animals, people and the environment.  How we are killing off the planet and all of our earthly creatures.  I'm so sad over it all that it has overwhelmed me and my emotions.  I have been experiencing what I would call PTSD.  I'm a sensitive empathetic person to begin with, but after all of this I'm seriously at the point where I want to avoid FaceBook.  So today I went back in my profile settings and I unliked and unfollowed about 3/4's of my list.  There is still more to unfollow.  In future I will only follow who most is important to me and it will not be anything about the topics that I have just listed.  I'm done with it.  No more sleepless nights re-living the disturbing stories and images that I've seen on FaceBook.  I honestly wonder if some people are contributing to the abuse so they can capitalize on it from the viewers.  The thought of that has been in my mind over the past few days.  So it's over for me.  I can see why young people are so overwhelmed.  You don't have to be young to be traumatized by images on the internet.  FaceBook can be a loose canon for traumatic media footage.  If you are noticing a problem in your own account similar to this type of situation then it's probably time to revisit your follow list.

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