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I don't prefer software as a service

I don't prefer software as a service

Monday, May 24, 2021 SaaS Software

Over the years while I was working a full time job I would always buy something every payday to put towards my graphics art studio. ...

 ...  It was expensive then and even more expensive now.  The little voice in my ear told me, do it now or you won't be able to later.  Thank goodness I did that and spent all of my spare time learning how to run different graphics software among other types of software. 

I don't prefer using SaaS (software as a service).  I will spend the extra money for the upgradeable installable  software that I can manage directly from my computer.   You can get by with SaaS software, but it is  limited in some cases and I don't like to have to be connected to the internet to do my work.  The other thing is all the software looks the same.  I'm going to retreat from SaaS from this year forward.  Everything is far too commercialized and now in most cases you have to pay for software updates every year.  Everyone is nickle and dime-ing us to death.

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